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time:2024-04-29 12:19
  • Ur-Quan Masters HD
  • Ur-Quan Masters HD
Description of Ur-Quan Masters HD

Port of DOS game Star Control II, with enhanced graphics and music.

The Ur-Quan Hierarchy have won the war and put the Earth under slave shield.
Explore galaxy, gather resources, ally with other races, battle enemies and win your freedom back.

If selecting "New game" crashes the game - select "Load", there is one savegame saved at the game beginning.

Two-player melee supported, with two on-screen joysticks. USB gamepads and SHIELD are supported.

To activate emergency escape unitRummy 500, press Back.

To change on-screen joystick to PC-style arrow keys - go to Setup -> Configure Controls -> On-screen Joystick, and set it to Classic (PC).

Version history Ur-Quan Masters HD New in Ur-Quan Masters HD Fixed crash when starting new game, and music remix pack not installed. Please rate this app